The Tesserae Project: Large-Scale, Longitudinal, In Situ, Multimodal Sensing of Information Workers

Mattingly, S M and Gregg, J M and Audia, P and Bayraktaroglu, A E and Campbell, A T and Chawla, N V and Das Swain, V and De Choudhury, M and D'Mello, S K and Dey, A K and Gao, G and Jagannath, K and Jiang, K and Lin, S and Liu, Q and Mark, G and Martinez, G J and Masaba, K and Mirjafari, S and Moskal, E and Mulukutla, R and Nies, K and Reddy, M D and Robles-Granda, P and Saha, K and Sirigiri, A and Striegel, A (2019) The Tesserae Project: Large-Scale, Longitudinal, In Situ, Multimodal Sensing of Information Workers. In: Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

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The Tesserae project investigates how a suite of sensors can measure workplace performance (e.g., organizational citizenship behavior), psychological traits (e.g., personality, affect), and physical characteristics (e.g., sleep, activity) over one year. We enrolled 757 information workers across the U.S. and measure heart rate, physical activity, sleep, social context, and other aspects through smartwatches, a phone agent, beacons, and social media. We report challenges that we faced with enrollment, privacy, and incentive structures while setting up such a long-term multimodal large-scale sensor study. We discuss the tradeoffs of remote versus in-person enrollment, and showed that directly paid, in-person enrolled participants are more compliant overall compared to remotely-enrolled participants. We find that providing detailed information regarding privacy concerns up-front is highly beneficial. We believe that our experiences can benefit other large sensor projects as this field grows.

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Subjects: Entrepreneurship
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