What’s the Best Way to Give Ground in a Negotiation?

Tey, K S and Schaerer, M and Madan, N and Swaab, R (2021) What’s the Best Way to Give Ground in a Negotiation? Harvard Business Review. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0017-8012

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In zero-sum negotiations — such as bargaining over the price of a product, haggling over rent, or negotiating the price of antique — a key challenge is figuring out just how much to change your offer at each round of the negotiation. Give away too much and you devalue your offer; give away too little and you risk getting stuck in an impasse. The situation is complicated by the many meanings that the amounts of these concessions can signal: That a negotiator wants to settle quickly, or that they lack ambition, or maybe that they want to encourage reciprocity.

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