Nurturing Business Leaders : Zero-Based Proactive Learning Paradigm

Rodriguez, A and Sindhwani, S and Loo, T and Guillermo, J (2009) Nurturing Business Leaders : Zero-Based Proactive Learning Paradigm. Sterling Publishers, UK. ISBN 9788120745933

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Book Summary of Nurturing Business Leaders: Zero-Based Proactive Learning Paradigm The book written by three authors, from three different countries, speaking three different languageg who happen to be doctoral students at one of the largest business schools in Europe, provides fascinating kaleidoscopic insights on the contextual topics of global concern. The three, in their own unique ways provide an in-depth understanding of the various decisive elements prevailing in the global business environment.The unstructured and informal approach of the experienced researchers brings out many candid and insightful observations of global business players from various industries. The book provides glimpses of the leadership challenges, opportunities and the operational response options as well as evolving business models and job profiles in the emerging knowledge era. The idea presented is well thought out, easy to contextualise and simple to operate. The transformational paradigm provided by the authors is justified by the recent happenings in the global business world. Also, the paradigm is fyturistic and provides for the leadership exigencies of the dynamic, disruptive fast changing business environment. * Tomorrow is uncharted. How does one step into uncharted territory? *What does globalisation globalise? Does globalisation augment localisation? *What kind of innovative management thinking and practices are required to meet the challenges of instant global connectivity and networking? *How different will tomorrow be from today? *What traits would be essential for future managers and business leaders? These and many more questions from the basis of this book. The book also throws light on how proactive learning is and how it will be a critical success factor in the fast-emerging knowledge era.

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