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Adbi, A and Chatterjee, C (2017) Analysing the Lazy Mother Argument Inspired by the Maggi Controversy. Economic and Political Weekly, 52 (28). pp. 49-56. ISSN 2349-8846

Agarwal, S and Alok, S and Chopra, Y and Tantri, P L (2017) Government Employment Guarantee, Labor Supply and Firms’ Reaction: Evidence from the Largest Public Workfare Program in the World. Working Paper. SSRN.

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Deuskar, P and Kumar, N and Poland, J (2017) Signal on the Margin: Behavior of Levered Investors and Future Economic Conditions. Working Paper. SSRN.

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Kumar, S (2017) Simulating DDOS attacks on the us fiber-optics internet infrastructure. In: 2017 Winter Simulation Conference.

Kumar, S and Carley, K M (2017) Simulating DDOS attacks on the us fiber-optics internet infrastructure. In: 2017 Winter Simulation Conference.

Kumar, S and Carley, K M (2017) Simulating DDOS attacks on the us fiber-optics internet infrastructure. In: 2017 Winter Simulation Conference.

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