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Abbink, K and Dasgupta, U and Gangadharan, L and Jain, T (2012) Letting the Briber Go Free: An Experiment on Mitigating Harassment Bribes. Working Paper. Indian School of Business. (Unpublished)

Abraham, R (2012) Doing business at the base of the pyramid: The reality of emerging markets. Field Actions Science Report, 4.

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Chandru, V and Rao, M R and Swaminathan, G (2012) Protein Folding on Lattices: An Integer Programming Approach. Working Paper. SSRN. (Unpublished)

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Deo, S and Smilowitz, K and Asvatanakul, T and Scheinesson, J (2012) Mobile C.A.R.E. [Teaching Resource]

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Rao, A and Rao, M R (2012) A Note on the Multi-Component Deterministic Opportunistic Replacement. Working Paper. SSRN. (Unpublished)

Rao, A and Rao, M R (2012) On an Evaluation and Optimization Model for Media Planning. Working Paper. SSRN. (Unpublished)

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